Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

We are surprised with the profit making by people who invest in the cryptos lately. It is so astounded to hear an investor with USD1000 has become a millionaire thereafter. Who does not want to be like him.

In fact, not only normal websites keep promoting this new chapter of future virtual currencies to supersede volatile present physical currencies and a threat.

Do you believe cryptos will be the future transaction globally?. I do not believe as it has no value at all and still remain using USD as a reference and a gold as a benchmark. However, when come to regulations finalised, tough for centralised currencies to survive longer and compete with it.

It has come to the end of the world, once the centralised and decentralised currencies competing each other until both collapse, the consequence is what people will rely on for ultimate transaction?. Well, let’s go back where money belongs, gold and silver.

A good example as I commented in bloomberg and, the bitcoin would bearish brutally a week before Christmas and it was true. And, now promotion is being done again, and again I believe when comes to a week before Chinese New Year festival in 2018, it is recommended to sell at that point. Giant crypto players will not wait you.

Digital currencies may make us rich, but remember something which is yet to regulate, people will non-stop to speculate.

Little footballers sponsored

Malaysia is still thirsty for new talents in football. From the kids, we have started to play. Skobok is proudly presenting a new sponsor for the junior football club. Win or lose is not a matter, long years to go.



Young guy makes ton of money from contraband gold business

Gold is the best ever precious metal and diamond is for the best love forever joined the sponsorship in a local charity event on 19.03.2016


FIM World SBK Championship 2014 Race Day

Skobok racer is leading to top 10, race 1 and 2 (first round) on 17 & 18 May 2014. Proceed to second round race on 06 June 2014.


FIM World SBK Championship 2014

Skobok proudly presents his first MSS sponsorship to a chosen local rider in FIM World SBK Championship, June 6-8, 2014 at Sepang Circuit in Malaysia. The first ever event of SBK championship held in Malaysia, 2014.




Carbon Disclosure Project for gold business?

Have we ever heard about CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)?

CDP is one of independent body who will explore any company who requires business expansion worlwide and the most significant figures about this report is to let global investors identify our company policy on the environmental gap analysis. Nowadays, investors do care the environmental aspects to run a business and shares.

The earth today, is not the same as million years ago. It has an age and the ageing process never get better but worse resulting from excessive economy activities.

This does include mining industries and for sure, the gold. To process a kilo gold or silver, do we know how much carbon emission (Metric tonnes) CO2e which depletes the ozone layer?

For all the precious metal miners, sellers and even the buyers, we should start today, start concerning on the carbon emission factors in our daily business.

Green grass blue skies.


In my point of view, the first rank should go to GOLD as the most precious metal.

Second rank should either silver or platinum. However, based on the business trends, it seems to be platinum is the second precious metal than silver.

Silver shall be the second rank in a long term business trend in considering its application to consumer products and accessories.


Setelah wujudnya pelbagai perubahan dalam sesebuah syarikat pelaburan di zaman ini. Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa skobok akan mencuba untuk memberi maklumat tentang harga-harga semasa platinum dan perak tidak lama lagi.

Emas dan Perak dua nilai yang tiada tandingan di dunia ini dan masa hadapan. Tidak terkecuali untuk bahan-bahan logam yang lain seperti platinum dan palladium.

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